Informed and Skillful Management Leads To Business Success !

FreePOS make available the tools for complete, professional and informative business management for even the smallest of businesses right up to bigger and more demanding sites.

Stable, Robust and Lightweight Software

Functional and Easy to Use

Developed with the Business Owner in mind

User Friendly


Free proprietary software with a affordable annual license fee structure.


Windows: XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 & Win 10 with Server Databases on Windows Server (any version) & Linux


Services available world-wide with growing & accredited distribution partners.

Functionality and Features

FreePOS Business Management Suite is a software product rich in practical functionality and features which have been developed to industry standards. Intuitive design and the ability to support both old and new technology support cost saving bringing to the table a good quality to cost ratio product well worth considering seriously as a Business Management Software solution, quite capable of holding its own in the Information Technology arena.

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Business Types

FreePOS has already been implemented and functioning successfully in several types of businesses which among other include Retail, Restaurant, Beauty and Guest House. See on our advisory list if FreePOS will work for your business!

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Accredited Distributors

FreePOS is distributed and supported both in-house and through our accredited distributors in several countries.

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Striving to exceed expectations

Excellent Product Knowledge

Latest Windows Software Knowledge

Excellent Computer And POS Specific Hardware Experience

Latest Information On World-wide Industry Developments And Trends

Understanding Of Business Management

Effective And Speedy Customer Service And Problem Resolution

Your Business Will Always Be Attended By Professional And Knowledgeable Staff

New Updates And Changes Are Only Released After Extensive Testing

Fair & Ethical Business Practices Used, Supported And Encouraged



Try FreePOS

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We gladly make arrangements for a software demonstration or if you wish to try FreePOS out you can do so for a period of 10 days....obligation free & without commitment. Contact us directly to make arrangements.

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